Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Everyone knows that models often have to work under the most inclement weather conditions, but Coco put her paw down (for just a second) and said No to Snow!

Even a 'bed' of pine boughs wasn't acceptable. . .

So, bundled up like a Lumberjack, Coco consented to a few photos in a snowy setting.

Oh, and just like Coco in the snow... Don't forget to Hop today!


  1. I don't blame you for wanting to shun the snow, Coco! Brrrr!

  2. don't blame you Coco - we wouldn't have gone out there at all :)

  3. Does that qualify for hazard pay?

  4. Coco, you're the prettiest lumberjack I've ever seen!


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