Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Wordless Wednesday #BlogPaws Santa Paws, Couture Style!


Coco & I welcomed in the Holiday Season with a weekend in New York City, at the #CelebrityCatWalk #PawsintheCity Reindeer Edition Fashion Show!

Twice a year, Celebrity Cat Walk puts on fab, fun and glamorous fashion shows to help raise money for two hard-working rescue organizations, Yorkie911 Rescue and Zani's Furry Friends.

Helping homeless pets is something close to my heart. I'm am fostering a homeless Cornish Rex right now, you can read his story here: 

And of course, dressing "to the nine's" is something that Coco does so well that also helps bring attention to alternative fund raising for pet rescues by way of pet fashion shows!

Being a model at the Celebrity Cat Walk shows is by invitation only, and there is an entry fee, I was quite honored to have Coco invited as the first cat to ever strut the Celebrity Cat Walk runway! 

A panel of designers pick out their models and design a scene, fashioning costumes, jewelry and hats to coordinate with their vision.

I'll have to say I felt a little bit like a kid at Christmas, seeing presents under the tree, and wondering what was inside...waiting to see what the designers came up with for Coco! 

I knew that one designer was making her a dress of a silvery knit with beautiful brocade ribbon and flowers and jewels in an turquoise blue that reminded me of the ocean! Coco was supposed to walk the runway with two little dogs in matching tuxedos, but somehow that didn't happen...

And one of our favorite milliners, Roni Golderg, was fashioning Coco a coordinating pill box hat! We already had a nice collection of Fabuleash leashes, and I was sure one would go well with the ensemble!

Then, another one of our favorite designers, Jacque Butterfield Calloway of Bella's Prissy Puppie Boutique,  picked Coco and a bevy of fashionable friends to wear her creations with a Paris theme, to honor the memory of those lost in the terror attack there last month. 

In the book featuring Coco, Coco le Chat, the World's Most Fashionable Feline, the story goes that Coco is a Parisian kitty, so she has a number of outfits with a Francais flair! She even has a black beret, which she wears with a jaunty tilt!

I pulled out my beret, too, and shopped online for dresses that would also be classic and fit my budget, too. I thought both Coco and I walked the runway looking very chic, with Coco being the focus, just as she should be!

And our finale ensemble, created by Susan McGuire of Babette's Maison de Woof, was described to me as a faux fur snow leopard caplet, which I thought would be stunning with Coco's coloration! But when I saw it, well it was even more fabulous than I had even imagined! 

It has a very vintage feel, with a ruffled peplum and ruby colored jewels that added a little sparkle...and the lining was a Christmas red satin that made it even more festive.

Val Sorenson, of The Domestic Dogdess,  made the exquisite jeweled necklace just for Coco and she was able to wear it with both the caplet on the runway, as well as with her lacy red party dress, designed by Lola Teigland of LOLA Dog Couture, at the soiree on Saturday! 

We went up to NYC with one of our kitty friends, the lovely Gia and her two personal assistants.
Gia is also a Cornish Rex. In a way, Gia jumped into the fashion scene when her human saw Coco and her pretty dresses and asked where we found such perfect outfits. 

And her owner was the person that put together the first fashion show to be held at the National Capital Cat Show this past September. Here's a link to the post I did about that fashion show:

Gia is a young kitty, just 2 years old and we are sure she has a bright future ahead of her on the runway, though she is planning on taking some time off to be a mother. That is how Coco did it! Coco is now 10 years old, and the epitome of elegance, but also able to pull off cute and silly sometimes, too!

We got to see many of our fashionable friends while in NYC, did a little sightseeing and found some good places to eat. 

We stayed at the Affinia Manhattan NYC and had a suite that was larger than many NYC condos! We certainly would recommend it to anyone planning a stay in the heart of the city!

The events of the weekend were well-attended and a little crowded and it was hard to juggle food, drink and kitty.

Having Coco in her Sleepypod made it easier on her, and also gave her some protection against unleashed dogs...and there was one that came after her twice...but he was leashed on Sunday, thank goodness!

Many photos were snapped, and I am still surfing the web looking for photos, but I plan on making up a little slideshow featuring some of photos I took of our favorite ensembles of the weekend! I hope to have that done in time for a Fashion Friday post!

And since it's Hop Day, don't forget to visit some new-to-you pet blogs and say hello! We will!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

Giving Thanks...for friends, for tasty delights so special today, for the freshest of kitty greens, for laps to snuggle in, for love! 

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Fashion Friday... Fashionably Late...from The Central PA Pet Expo!

For the third year in a row, Coco and I were invited to The Central PA Pet Expo! 

Somehow I forgot to share the photos and experience with our readers! So, even though it was last month, the photos and fun time is certainly worth sharing!!

Our friend, Amy Jo, puts on this one day event every year in October, in Altoona PA. The exhibit hall is spacious, clean and easy to get to. The food vendor has tasty fare, too! 

Once again, this year, we got to be between two of our favorite pets 'n people! On the right, Dexter and Carol and Bryant of the Wigglebutt Warriors & Fidose of Reality fame. They just opened their new online store and their booth was fabulous!

And on the left, our favorite Golden Retrievers, Maddi and Wyatt, of the Hallmark card fame! Their booth was always busy, because who doesn't love to hug a Golden?!

And right down the aisle, one more of our Cat Lady Friends, the fun-lovin' Angie Bailey of Texts From Mittens! We have had more fun times with Angie than I can count on one hand, when we attend the BlogPaws conferences and time with Angie always includes lots of giggles!

Of course, Coco got a lot of smiles, too...from young and old alike! 

And when a young lady wearing a tiara met Coco, of course Coco had to put on her tiara and pose for a photo with Zoey Rei Dunkle, Miss Pennsylvania USA Ambassador Preteen!

We also sold some pawtographed copies of 'The Adventures of Coco le Chat' and then donated $1 from each book to the local cat rescue that was at the event...Sharing is Caring!

If you would like to have (or give as a gift) one of the book featuring Coco, just follow this link and leave us a comment and we will contact you with the details!

Next up on Coco's busy schedule, a weekend in New York City, modeling for Paws in the City, a weekend of fun, friends and fundraising for two rescue organizations, Yorkie911 Rescue and Zani's Furry Friends Rescue...for a taste of what some fabulous designers have fashioned exclusively for Coco... here's a peek!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Monday Mewsings - #PawsintheCity, Reindeer Edition!

What could be more festive and fun than being in New York City for the Holidays? I remember being there 10 years ago when my husband surprised me with a Christmas visit to the city! It was magical!

This holiday season, I am heading back up to NYC for festive fun for a Cause! Coco has been invited to be a model in the Celebrity Catwalk Paws in the City Reindeer Edition Fashion Show! We certainly will have a weekend filled with Furry Fashion!  There will be over 40 Furry Fashionistas strutting in the most lavish pet couture the 21 fabulous designers can conjure up!

Celebrity Catwalk holds their fund raising galas throughout the year, but I can't think of a more special time to be in New York City than right before Christmas! There will be raffles and prizes and adoptable pets there, too. 

And these events help benefit both Yorkie 911 Rescue and Zani's Furry Friends Rescue. Parties with a Cause---what's better than that! Having fun and helping homeless pets! Some of the world's most fashionable pups will be there, wearing the best in pet couture, from the US, Canada and Bolivia!

And to make it even more fun, Coco and I are sharing our weekend with our fashionable Cornish Rex friend, Gia! We are staying at the posh Affinia Manhattan and hope to get in a photo shoot with our talented friend, Robin Schwartz!

We may be the first cats to model for Celebrity Catwalk, and we will have all eyes upon us! That makes me slightly nervous, but also very excited and I hope Coco has no wardrobe malfunctions and that I don't trip on the runway, either!

I am not sure if Coco will actually walk on the runway, and sometimes perching a wiggly cat in your arms doesn't show them off to their best advantage, so I am toying with the idea of having Coco on a satin pillow as I carry her down the runway.

One of the perks of being a Celebrity Catwalk model is that Coco will get custom one-of-a-kind gowns and accessories to wear on the runway! We know for sure that 3 designers are making something fabulous for's a sneak peek at one. 

 This exquisite gown was made by Princess Lilly & Co, featuring a silver sparkle hand-knitted design with turquoise brocade, layers of turquoise organza and another ruffled layer of shimmering fabric underneath, accented by jewels, flowers and bling! 

Roni, another one of Coco's personal designers, is going to fashion a matching hat and I know it will be perfect! Roni can make a hat elegant or silly, depending on the outfit... she made Coco's Ice Cream hat and it's just perfect with her dress!

So, the fantasy of being in NYC again, with my adored Coco...just makes me shiver with excitement, and smile, just like watching this fun, quirky and absolutely Possible-in-New-York Kate Spade video!


We'd love it if you would join us in New York City! Well-behaved pets and children are welcome at all the events, and you can get tickets right here, by clicking on this LINK!

Friday, November 6, 2015

Fashion Friday...Spooktacular!

No, that's not me...that's the not-too-attractive witch at PetMac...Coco told her not to enter any fashion shows, hahameow!

And no... Coco didn't kiss a dog and like it, either! But she thought his costume was cute!

Coco does like shopping though and looked so cute in her pink skull dress and coordinating pink pillbox hat! But she was saving up the piece de resistance for the Howl-o-ween Costume Contest at Lake Anne Plaza! 

All the following photos were taken by Samantha of Sweet Memories Photography!

Coco and I won Best Couple and won a gift certificate for a free exam at Just Cats Clinic, which made me smile, since I work there! We may donate our prize to help a cat in need, that would be a nice thing to do!

And our good friend, Carol and her 2 Sphynx Moshe Moshi and Lexi Liu joined us for the festivities (it was a perfect Autumn day!) and decided on the spur of the moment, to enter the costume contest, too!

And we got to cheer for them when they won the Best Cross Dresser category--species dressed as another species! Kitty Lizard and Kitty Cardinal and a seasonally decorated stroller won them a gift card to Home Depot!!

Here's all the photos that Sweet Memories took of the Halloween fun at Lake Anne Plaza, there were lots of doggies, lots of humans and lots of fun!

And just to show you that Coco isn't the only cat that can wear a dress festooned with spiders and look Tres is a photo of Coco's mother, Kely, showing off some spooky style of her own!

We hope your Howl-o-Ween was Spooktacular...filled with treats (and dressing up only if you wanted to!).