Friday, November 6, 2015

Fashion Friday...Spooktacular!

No, that's not me...that's the not-too-attractive witch at PetMac...Coco told her not to enter any fashion shows, hahameow!

And no... Coco didn't kiss a dog and like it, either! But she thought his costume was cute!

Coco does like shopping though and looked so cute in her pink skull dress and coordinating pink pillbox hat! But she was saving up the piece de resistance for the Howl-o-ween Costume Contest at Lake Anne Plaza! 

All the following photos were taken by Samantha of Sweet Memories Photography!

Coco and I won Best Couple and won a gift certificate for a free exam at Just Cats Clinic, which made me smile, since I work there! We may donate our prize to help a cat in need, that would be a nice thing to do!

And our good friend, Carol and her 2 Sphynx Moshe Moshi and Lexi Liu joined us for the festivities (it was a perfect Autumn day!) and decided on the spur of the moment, to enter the costume contest, too!

And we got to cheer for them when they won the Best Cross Dresser category--species dressed as another species! Kitty Lizard and Kitty Cardinal and a seasonally decorated stroller won them a gift card to Home Depot!!

Here's all the photos that Sweet Memories took of the Halloween fun at Lake Anne Plaza, there were lots of doggies, lots of humans and lots of fun!

And just to show you that Coco isn't the only cat that can wear a dress festooned with spiders and look Tres is a photo of Coco's mother, Kely, showing off some spooky style of her own!

We hope your Howl-o-Ween was Spooktacular...filled with treats (and dressing up only if you wanted to!).


  1. What a cool event - and Coco, you are just impossibly stylish! Those were both amazing dresses.

  2. Oh Coco, that dress with the red hat is the best!


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