Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Not So Wordless Wednesday

I finally have a real Tiara! Not that pink thing from Party City! But one with real Rhinestones! Of course, I'm worth it!

My personal assistant started a new job, therefore she has fallen down on the job of attending to my blog! I may have to hire an assistant to my assistant if this keeps up!

But she did finally download photos from my appearance at the Central PA Pet Expo and I will make her sit down and write a post for Fashion Friday recapping the fun we had!

Along with the stunning tiara,  a pretty new frock arrived last week! It is very flattering to my fur color and has tinkling little bells shaped like fish around the waistline. The 'hat'? It's really a pretty flower that goes with the belt of grosgrain ribbon that interchanges with the satin and bells belt. How versatile!

And because the weather now has frost on the pumpkin, Teri found this faux fur lined coat, which is very stylish, don't you think? 

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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Simply Fabulous, Dahling!

Coco is getting ready for her first professional appearance today, at the Central PA Pet Expo!

We are staying at the Holiday Inn Express (remember, the Moscato budget with Champagne tastes...), and Coco said the room was to her liking, with a window to watch the birds in the pine trees! Nice!

She said the bed was comfortable...

and the bubble bath very nice (really, she did!)

I put her Sleepy Pod on top of the armoire, out of the way and she decided it was THE place to hang out as I was doing her blog post this morning.

 I'm heading down to breakfast myself, and then we are off to strut our stuff...more news and photos later!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Fashion Friday

Photo by Moments by Misty
Here's the Pro photo taken by Moments by Misty Photography at last weeks Posh Pets Halloween Fashion Show!

Today, I am busy gathering all Coco's accoutrements for the Central PA Pet Expo!

I will do my best to take lots of photos, so you all can see Coco at her first appearance here, in her own booth, with her very own banner! Very exciting and fun! See you all after the weekend!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wordless Wednesday-'Tocktober Edition

Coco may say this hoodie would look better with a skirt, but then you couldn't see her 'Tocks!

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Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday Musings

After the Halloween Fashion Show, Coco spent a quiet weekend while I was away delivering two kitties to their new home. I wasn't around, but I am sure there was lots of this going on...

My job this week is to get Coco's wardrobe picked out and packed for this weekends festivities at the Central PAPet Expo!

Then on Friday, she will have a 'Spa Day' so she can look her best on Sunday!

This will be Coco's first public appearance where she will have her own booth! I have to go in early on Saturday, and set everything up, just so, and then on Sunday, we will be meeting and greeting and handing out Coco's cards from noon til 4:00pm.

I am sure there will be lots of ooh's and ahhh's and photos being taken, and maybe a few new fans to sign up for Coco's blog, too!

Besides all the Coco fun, we will get to see our friends, Dexter and Zoe again!

And our fellow blogger, Carol Meir, will be coming along with one of her three kitties, Moshe Moshi, too!

If you are anywhere near Altoona, PA on Sunday, please make plans to come to the Expo and see Coco and the rest of the pets who will be waiting to see you there!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Fashion Friday

Coco attended the Posh Pets Boutique Halloween Fashion Show today! It was a fund raiser for Dakota's Dream Animal Rescue and you could either bring pet food or supplies to donate or for $5, have your photo taken in the Pumpkin Patch. We took some kitty food!

Coco had to wear one of the costumes they provided, and while she was very professional about it, after wearing couture, I think she was a little 'sniffy' about it. But you can't tell from the photos, can you?

But after she did the runway thing (actually,  she just sat there while people snapped photos of her...there was no cat walking or running involved...), she got to put on her pretty Tammy Peace Halloween Cupcake Dress and pretty (really) Witches Hat... and got to do the Cat Walk (aka Sit) again!

Somehow, I didn't snap any photos of Coco in that pretty costume, but Lanette got one of her in the Carmen Miranda ensemble...

Moments by Misty Photography was there and she got some nice shots in the Pumpkin Patch window display and as soon as I get them, I will add them to this post!

(No, that isn't Coco, it's a doggie being photographed in the cute window display where the photographer was taking photos of the participants. Cute idea!). 

Once again, Coco was amazing, especially around all the doggies and kids, and considering the Fashion Show was held outside. People always ask me how I got her to be so calm and collected and never have ruffled fur...and I say it's all Coco, I had nothing to do with it! 

It was a fun afternoon and Old Town Winchester is charming and I wish it wasn't so far from home, as I am sure Coco and I would have fun dining out at one of the nice restaurants there, as many are pet friendly and have patio seating along the promenade. 

Here's a link to info: