Sunday, October 13, 2013

Simply Fabulous, Dahling!

Coco is getting ready for her first professional appearance today, at the Central PA Pet Expo!

We are staying at the Holiday Inn Express (remember, the Moscato budget with Champagne tastes...), and Coco said the room was to her liking, with a window to watch the birds in the pine trees! Nice!

She said the bed was comfortable...

and the bubble bath very nice (really, she did!)

I put her Sleepy Pod on top of the armoire, out of the way and she decided it was THE place to hang out as I was doing her blog post this morning.

 I'm heading down to breakfast myself, and then we are off to strut our stuff...more news and photos later!


  1. can't wait to see what coco will be wearing.

  2. The hotel looks quite comfy. I hope you have a fabulous time today

  3. Coco's brother Edward says, "MEOW, hello!!!"

  4. How awesome, Coco - your room has Bird TV! Better than HBO!

  5. ADORABLE!!!
    Love the bubbles, Coco.
    Have fun!

  6. You look really cute with all those bubbles in the bath ♥
    Hope you have a FUN time at the Pet Expo :)


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