Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Blogging Again! #BlogPaws 2018!

After an almost one year hiatus (that's a fancy word for only microblogging), what gets Coco's Personal Assistant (me) energized to write again? It's going to a BlogPaws conference!

This is #BlogPaws 10th Anniversary Pet Blogger & Social Media Conference and it's the 9th one I have attended. I say it's the most fun you can have while learning and being here with the animal advocate attendees is so energizing! 

Friendships forged online are strengthened by meeting in person, and attending this conference has been part of my vacation plans every year! This year, Coco and I flew to Kansas City MO and we had a smooth, uneventful flight!

From the nice Uber driver who lugged my two 48# suitcases (one for me and one for Coco!) into the terminal, to the Southwest Airline counter person who helped roll them to the counter while I pushed Coco along in her Pink Catillac, to the SW employee who delivered my laptop to me (I had left it on the plane!) before I had even left the arrival area!

This was Coco's first trip in her new A Pet With Paws Madison carrier (#apetwithpaws) and it was purrfect! It's a nice size, so very stylish and so versatile with the PetTrek rolling cart that meshes seamlessly with the carrier!

 It's a great product, and I even have a matching purse! 

At every #BlogPaws Conference, Coco has a reputation to uphold as "The World's Most Fashionable Feline" and this year her wardrobe is even more stellar! So much to choose from, it was hard to pick just the "Three Costume Changes" each day I had planned...

So her suitcase was filled with 19 costumes, along with coordinating hats and leashes, and yes, wigs!

While I was arranging the room, Coco took a cat nap and then we rolled out to meet up with friends who have arrived at the #SheratonCrownCenter a day early like we did...

For dinner, a friend and I (and Coco) ate in the hotel restaurant/gastropub and I had a fantastic avocado bacon burger and onion rings and a 'flight' of local microbrews!  

Then we went up to our room and I put together the micro swag bags I bring for friends at every BlogPaws conference.

I am afraid of oversleeping and am so hyped for the upcoming trips, and I had not slept the night before our trip, but stayed up packing like I usually do when I'm heading west. So last night, I was happy to have a great night of sleep without waking up once (same for Coco) and this is the dawn I woke up to on Wednesday morning! We have a great view from our room on the 26th floor!

And while you may wonder why I am posting this next photo of Coco's 'powder room' but at the BlogPaws Conference last year, some inconsiderate attendees failed to clean up after their pets and BlogPaws had to pay $3000 in cleaning and damage fees! 

When I travel with Coco, I bring clean up supplies--dustpan, mini sweeper, gallon ziploc bags to dispose of used litter to keep odors down. I even bring cleaning rags and spray to clean up the bathroom floor or any 'accidents'. That is just the responsible thing to do!!

So, it's mid-morning Wednesday now and time to go down and register and pick up the reknowned BlogPaws Swag Bag, so watch for our next post and photos!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

#BlogPaws Chat!!!

OhMyCod! You have to Be There or Be Square!! Tonight from 8:30pm to 9:30pm EST, anyone who RSVP's and is actively Tweeting has a chance to win a trip to the 2018 BlogPaws Conference in Kansas City, MO!

We haven't blogged or participated in a #BlogPawsChat in eons, but you can be Sure as We Purr, that Coco & her Purrsonal Assistant will be trying to keep up with the Tweets at this Chat, that's Furr Sure!

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Dona Nobis Pacem

Today, November 4th 2017 is the 11th year of the BlogPeace project, started by Mimi Lenox and something that has grown into a world-wide phenomenon. This years theme is Finding Peace in Troubling Times. 

These are troubling times, and I find myself happy and content only about half the time... I think the cats  are doing their best to bring a grateful peace into my life, and I get a lot of happiness in helping others and so I know there is Love in the World, but wonder if Peace is just a Dream... 

Bloggers all around the world are doing the same today...a collective project, making their Peace Globes. Individuals who want peace while the governments all around the world seem to be at opposite ends of the spectrum. I have become very cynical about trying to elect officials that have the common man's interest at heart...they seem so distanced from what is reality.

At the heart of this project is hope and when people from 6 continents and 214 countries & territories also work for peace, how could we not post our Peace Globe today?!

Some of our hopes for the day...

purr loudly...
don't hiss at each other...
breath deeply (especially of catnip)...
and love just as deeply...
(remember kneading = love)

Friday, May 12, 2017

Fashion Friday... #BlogPaws Memories

Here's a video I made of our trip to BlogPaws Pet Blogger Conference in Salt Lake City in 2012! It was Coco and my first trip with just the two of us together where we flew and we had a fabulous time!

                               Click to play this Smilebox slideshow
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And this year, instead of just visiting the Cat Lounge,  Coco and I, along with the rest of my cat family, will be part of the Cat Lounge! 

Yes! Because of the special relationship I have with my cats and the fact they are very social and enjoy traveling and people and dressing up, we have been invited be a part of the best ever Cat Lounge and our little niche is called 'Enhancing the Cat-Human Bond'!

We will have on display many of our favorite travel essentials, from carriers to strollers as well as things that keep us happy, like foraging feeders! Of course, there will be pet fashions, too!

And while we realize that dressing up isn't every cat's cup of catnip tea, attendees to the conference will be able to meet my cats in person and get to know how dressing up and attending fund-raising pet fashion shows plays a big part in our relationship!

If you have never attended a BlogPaws Pet Blogger and Social Media Conference and wonder what it's all about and want to know more about BlogPaws mission and how they help enhance that Animal-Human bond by what they do year around, this article will get you in-the-know!

Coco and I are proud to be part of 'The Most Fun You Can Have While Learning' by attending and being a part of the 2017 BlogPaws Conference. We hope to see you there!

Friday, May 5, 2017

Fashion Friday, Ocean City Style

Purrenially behind...that's me! Want to know how behind? Well, on April 8th, Coco got to strut the catwalk at the Pet Threadz Rescues Rock the Runway Pet Expo and Fashion Show in Ocean City, Maryland!

And that was almost a month ago! But we had so much fun, that I couldn't just let the memories slip away without sharing the photos with everyone! 

Here's Coco, before the fashion show, but still dressed to impress in her Paris inspired ensemble, a Halters by Nikki harness and a lovely beret and sunglasses by Hayley's Hats!

For the fashion show, Coco was dressed in fabulous pink gown with a flowing skirt of feathers, made especially for her by PetThreadz! Since Coco's signature color is pink, she had a pink Spring flowered hat by ZK Hat Couture and I think it went perfectly with the gown!

For a change, Coco was not the only cat amongst the canine models! There were quite a few kitties, some in the fashion show and some just having fun at the Pet Expo! 

Our friends Moshi Moshe and Lexi Liu of the blog, Naked and Hungry, came along with us for this fashionable event and here they are strutting their stuff on the cat walk! (Talk about Cat Juggling).

Oh Yes! Coco came home with a trophy, too! Out of all the models who graced the runway, Coco was chosen Best In Show! We were so pleased to be a part of this event, as a portion of the proceeds went to the Worcester County Humane Society in Ocean City. 

And before we left Ocean City on Sunday, the weather improved and warmed up and the winds died down! We actually got to stroller around the Boardwalk and thoroughly enjoyed taking pictures, stopping for a donut at The Fractured Prune and attracting much attention!

Now that Coco has experienced Beach Life for the first time, we are so looking forward to our next beachy adventure, attending our 8th #BlogPaws Pet Blogger and Social Media Conference in a couple of weeks in Myrtle Beach South Carolina

Not only Coco, but also her mother Kely Bray and her two bodyguards, Disco NoFurNo & Brighton,  will be traveling to the conference and be part of the Feline Team in the Cat Lounge this year! We will have on hand some of the fashionable wardrobe the cats wear, as well as our favorite feline accessories we recommend. Our niche will be to tell everyone how the Cat-Human Bond is something our personal appearances help foster!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

#BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop! The Cat's Out of the Bag!

Only 28 days until the 9th BlogPaws Social Media and Pet Blogging Conference begins! 

Visiting the BlogPaws Cat Lounge to see the latest in 'All Things Cat' has been always been one of the highlights of attending the conference for me, and this year, I am very excited to announce that Coco and I and her feline housemates will be a part of 'Team Cat' in the Cat Lounge!

Yes! We will join the Kate Benjamin of Hauspanther fame, and Feline Internet Celebrity, Luna Rose, and Cat Astrologer Ellen Zucker to make the 2017 BlogPaws Cat Lounge the place to see and be seen! 

In our little corner of the Cat Lounge, Enhancing the Human-Cat Bond, we will will strut our stuff in the finest of pet fashion, as well as give demos on our clicker training skills, give our personal recommendations on our favorite cat carriers and strollers, grooming supplies and toys, too! 

After all, it's all about us cats and how to keep us happy with toys, interactive feeders, comfy beds and fabulous cat furniture! That's what the Cat Lounge is all about! Oh, there will be some human fashion finery, too! Something for everyone! 

Other fun activities that will be happening in the Cat Lounge will be a Selfie Station, a DIY Cat-Centric craft table, and comfy couches to relax and recharge before you head off the to next educational session!

If the fact that you will be able to get up close and personal with Coco and her friends isn't enough to get you off that proverbial fence about whether you should register for the 2017 BlogPaws conference, maybe the fact that you can enter a drawing to win ALL the goodies in the Cat Lounge! 

As I say, BlogPaws is the most fun you can have while learning and we sure wouldn't want you to miss out on the opportunities that attending a BlogPaws conference brings to you! We hope to see you there! Click on this link to learn more about how you can be part of the BlogPaws experience!

Oh, yes, and since this is a Blog Hop, get to know some of the bloggers who will be attending the conference and start building new friendships now!