Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Wordless Wednesday... Coco's Closet and DIY hangers

This is Coco's closet. two years ago. It's bursting at the seams now as the past couple of years have been filled with fabulous hats and sparkling leashes and custom couture!

Photo by Paul Nathan ©

Every fashion event Coco goes to benefits homeless animals in some way... that's important to me and gives us the perfect reason to travel, be with friends and dress up!

Coco even dressed up for her visit to her dentist, Dr Chamberlain of Animal Dentistry and Oral Surgery. And we gave him a copy of the book featuring Coco, The Adventures of Coco le Chat, The World's Most Fashionable Feline, to put in the waiting room!

Coco, the Couture Cat in her Pink Paris dress and beret
Photo by Teri Thorsteinson

So with all these fancy clothes that need hangers, I came up with a spiffy idea that both fits the cat-sized costumes, and makes more room in the closet, too! I think our other fashionista friends would be interested in our DIY pet clothes hangers, so here are simple photo instructions!

DIY Pet Clothes Hangers Step 1

DIY Pet Clothes Hangers Step 2

DIY Pet Clothes Hangers Step 3

Now, while I can't sew, and have to seek out her wardrobe from talented designers who can, that doesn't mean I'm not crafty in other ways! And we all know I can bedazzle a stroller like nobody's business!

Coco, the Couture Cat's Pink Catillac stroller

And since I mentioned strollers, how about strolling over to the #BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop and visit some of the best pet bloggers in the world! 

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Monday, May 9, 2016

Monday Mewsings, #WiggleButts Uncorked Finale Post!

Coco the Couture Cat's Pink Catillac stroller

Talk about the Red Carpet! The #Wigglebutts Uncorked Fundraising Gala did not disappoint! And neither did Coco! It was a soiree where one would expect to see George and Amal, or even Elton John! Everyone was Dressed-to-Impress and lots of 'Air Kisses' and Dog Kisses were shared!

This is the third fundraiser for homeless pets that the Wigglebutt Warriors have put on, and we have been to all three! First, the Dog Wedding of Dexter and Coco (the dog). Then HollyWoof!  And I think Uncorked was the most magical!

Wigglebutt's Uncorked Carol and Darlene renew vows
Photo by Teri Thorsteinson

The hostesses, Carol and Darlene, renewed their vows in front of more than 200 friends and 60 furry canine companions (and one cat, Coco! The Grand Monarque Hall at Brotherhood Winery in Washingtonville, New York was the site of the event, complete with a sit down dinner, music, dancing, prizes and lots of photo ops!

Wigglebutt's Uncorked Teri and Coco, the Couture Cat all dressed up
Photo by Dahlia Holmes

And just like the movies stars have, there was an After Party on Sunday at Warwick Winery & Distillery and the weather was purrfect! 

Teri and Coco, the Couture Cat Sunday Brunch at the Warwick Winery

Coco started out in a cute pink sweater, but got too warm and decided to go Au Natural, except for her  Ella Wang NY pearl necklace & leash! It was an afternoon with good friends and good food...

Sunday Brunch at the Warwick Winery
Photo by Kim Kiernan

It was an absolutely fabulous way to end an absolutely fabulous weekend!

Sunday Brunch at the Warwick Winery with Carol Bryant

And we just learned that the pawsome Wigglebutts Uncorked event raised almost $30,000 for Second Chance Rescue NYC! A big thank you to the sponsors, all who bought tickets and to the private donations that will help so many homeless pets!

Coco and I were so very honored to attend and help in our own small way! Oh, and for the 2nd year in a row, Coco won't the Wiggy Award for Best Any Species Other Than Dog in attendance, HaHaMeow!

Teri and Coco chatting with Wigglebutt Uncorked guests
Photo by Carol Bryant
We are anxiously awaiting to hear what over-the-top event the Wigglebutt Warriors will put together next, and you can be certain, Coco & I will be there!