Friday, March 27, 2015

Fashion Friday...Unfashionably Late!

Cici in a New York Cab!

Well, I'm finally getting back to posting about the fab trip Coco and I made to NYC last month!

In between cat sitting two kitties that needed nursing care, to being a BlogPaws 2015 Conference Ambassador and making sure I attend to those responsibilities... somehow my blogs have been neglected!

One of the most fun adventures we had was going to The Fashion Institute of Technology! I had been there during a trip to NYC in 2007 and knew that I would have to go again, this time with Coco!

But I couldn't find any information on whether they were pet-friendly and as the weather was cold and snowy and we would be taking a cab and not walking, I thought that taking Coco's Cuddle Clone (who I affectionately call CiCi) would be a great stand in for Coco!

And, as I tend to do...I wondered if she could fit into any of Coco's clothes (as you can see, Coco's eyeglasses and a borrowed beret fit perfectly)...

And I squealed with delight when Coco's Paris dress fit and looked fab on Cici! So snugly ensconced in Coco's fashionable pet bag, off we went, to see the St Laurent/Halston exhibit of their fashions from the 70's and 80's...Oh, Behave!

As you can imagine, Cici attracted almost as much attention as Coco does when she's out and about! She even lunched with a new friend!

And just last week, Cici got to meet Kely, Coco's mother, when she visited Just Cats Clinic!