Monday, January 25, 2016

Monday Mewsings ... Snow Days

January 2016 snow on my deck

No, I didn't make Coco go outside for a wintery photo shoot this year! ... but I did once! I am sure she is thanking me for going into the archives and digging out (lol) the best photo from this shoot!

Coco the Cornish Rex in Winter Fashions

I'm sure she would have much rather had this kitty stand in for her ... 

January 2016 snow cat

Or even just dressed up in winter togs, that would have been stylish and warm!

Coco the Cornish Rex cat in winter wool coat

Coco the Cornish Rex in puffer coat with fake fur hood

But, it was me who was all bundled up, shoveling 20" of snow this past weekend, while Coco was warm and snuggly inside ... just as it should be, says she!

January 2016 snow on my car

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

#BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop ~~ Winter Shape Up!

Coco Cornish Rex at Fashion Show in Pink Wig

Now one would think the svelte, racy, athletic Cornish Rex cat named Coco would never have to worry about her weight ...

True, she never has to worry if a dress will make her butt look big ... And she is fit and gets the 'Night Time Circus' crazies just like a kitty half her age.

Coco the Cornish Rex in a Hello Kitty Dress

But when I stopped feeding dry food to my cats (about 6 months ago), everyone including Coco shaped up! She has lost half an inch around her chest and her waist and has gone from 6.5# to 6#, which is her 'show weight' when she was a young lady cat!

Coco the Cornish Rex in a two piece dress

It wasn't so evident to me, as I see them every day, but when I updated everyone's measurements last week (in case I go clothes shopping for the boys sometime soon) ... I was surprised to see what the tape measure told me, most notably on my forever-on-a-diet Sphynx, Disco NoFurNo, who hasn't lost weight but has lost inches!

Disco NoFurNo Sphynx cat in Plaid Shirt

But you can read about that on our blog that features him, Curlz and Swirlz, Life with Cornish Rex Cats and a Sphynx named Disco NoFurNo.

I don't think they would mind me sharing this information, if it helped another cat get on the bandwagon of feeding a species appropriate diet! My cats are current fed a combination of Weruva Paw Lickin' Chicken canned food, Primal and Stella & Chewy's Freeze Dried raw diets and most recently Darwin's Raw Cat Food.

Coco Cornish Rex Sunny Window with Cat Grass

They also love their dried bonita flakes and wheat grass as treats, but none of them have had any dry kibble in quite a while and I think they are all happier, fitter and looking' good because of the diet change! I think the next six months will truly let me know how much the diet change is helping, especially in regards to their weight, coat, skin and tummy health!

Now I just have to hop on the bandwagon and eat better myself! I'm not going to share my weight and inches info here ... I think Coco would understand!

But we all can Hop on the BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop today... that's exercise, right?!

BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop

Monday, January 4, 2016

Monday Mewsings and Happy New Year!

Coco the Cornish Rex under Christmas Tree in NYC

How did Christmas slip by without my sharing some of the lovely holiday photos I took of Coco while we were in New York City?

Well, I hope the wait was worth it, because we all know how the camera loves Coco! And while this post will be light on text, it will be heavy on pretty pictures!

Coco the Cornish Rex under Christmas Tree  NYC

Coco Cornish Rex Couture Fashion NYC
Photo by Robin Schwartz ©
Coco Cornish Rex Fashion Show NYC

Coco Cornish Rex Couture Gown NYC

Coco Cornish Rex Christmas Couture Gown NYC

Coco Cornish Rex Couture Holiday NYC

Coco Cornish Rex Couture Faux Fur NYC

Coco Cornish Rex Couture Elegant NYC

Coco Cornish Rex Couture Party Dress NYC

We hope your Holiday were as fabulous as Coco's couture and that your new year is full of sparkle and joy, too!