Monday, January 25, 2016

Monday Mewsings ... Snow Days

January 2016 snow on my deck

No, I didn't make Coco go outside for a wintery photo shoot this year! ... but I did once! I am sure she is thanking me for going into the archives and digging out (lol) the best photo from this shoot!

Coco the Cornish Rex in Winter Fashions

I'm sure she would have much rather had this kitty stand in for her ... 

January 2016 snow cat

Or even just dressed up in winter togs, that would have been stylish and warm!

Coco the Cornish Rex cat in winter wool coat

Coco the Cornish Rex in puffer coat with fake fur hood

But, it was me who was all bundled up, shoveling 20" of snow this past weekend, while Coco was warm and snuggly inside ... just as it should be, says she!

January 2016 snow on my car


  1. On days like yours, it's great to be a kitty!

  2. Oh goodness you have a bit more than we do! No fun even if your great neighbor, like ours, digs you out with his big machine.
    Keep warm Coco, Mom too!


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