Friday, October 4, 2013

Fashion Friday

Coco attended the Posh Pets Boutique Halloween Fashion Show today! It was a fund raiser for Dakota's Dream Animal Rescue and you could either bring pet food or supplies to donate or for $5, have your photo taken in the Pumpkin Patch. We took some kitty food!

Coco had to wear one of the costumes they provided, and while she was very professional about it, after wearing couture, I think she was a little 'sniffy' about it. But you can't tell from the photos, can you?

But after she did the runway thing (actually,  she just sat there while people snapped photos of her...there was no cat walking or running involved...), she got to put on her pretty Tammy Peace Halloween Cupcake Dress and pretty (really) Witches Hat... and got to do the Cat Walk (aka Sit) again!

Somehow, I didn't snap any photos of Coco in that pretty costume, but Lanette got one of her in the Carmen Miranda ensemble...

Moments by Misty Photography was there and she got some nice shots in the Pumpkin Patch window display and as soon as I get them, I will add them to this post!

(No, that isn't Coco, it's a doggie being photographed in the cute window display where the photographer was taking photos of the participants. Cute idea!). 

Once again, Coco was amazing, especially around all the doggies and kids, and considering the Fashion Show was held outside. People always ask me how I got her to be so calm and collected and never have ruffled fur...and I say it's all Coco, I had nothing to do with it! 

It was a fun afternoon and Old Town Winchester is charming and I wish it wasn't so far from home, as I am sure Coco and I would have fun dining out at one of the nice restaurants there, as many are pet friendly and have patio seating along the promenade. 

Here's a link to info:


  1. I guess that wearing lesser fashion sometimes just goes with the gig - I'm glad you had your own clothes to wear after you met your obligation.

  2. Fancy Feathers. WOW on the Hal costume, curious about the witch hat. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar


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