Friday, December 13, 2013

Fashion Friday

If you are one of our Facebook friends, you got a glimpse of Coco's new Holiday outfit, gifted to her by our sweet friend Carol of Naked and Hungry.

But for those of you not on FB, this will be more than a peek of Coco in her Christmas finery, out and about on the town!

Here she is visiting Wylie Wagg, the fun and yum filled pet boutique near us!

You might recall that one of Coco's bodyguards visited Wylie Wagg a couple of weeks ago. He was on a reconnaissance mission for Coco.

Coco didn't sample any of the Howl-i-day cookies, but she did meet a snowman she was rather smitten with!

She perused the shelves and found a nice lounger/scratching pad that she put on her wish list...

And a cat cannot have enough furry beds, can they?

Would she like the Faux Fur one?
Yes, please!

We both loved all the Holiday decorations, toys, clothes and even the Christmas Tree!

Too soon, it was time to leave, and of course, Coco even looked stunning in her new gold, quilted Max Studio bag!


  1. It looks cute on her. I hope liked it.

  2. Coco, darling, you look fabulous! We think that snowman would make a purrfect snoozing partner ;)


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