Monday, December 16, 2013

Monday Mewsings

Weekends here are kind of uneventful for Coco lately, as I am working weekends now. So it's during the week that we have our photo shoots and excursions around town.

I'm still busy decorating the house for the holidays though... so some new Christmas photos will be appearing soon! 


  1. We haven't had a tree up in several years, yet my human has continued to bring home ornaments just in case she changes her mind - except this year. But seeing those ornaments you've found has inspired her... here we go again!

    1. Sparkle, you might tell your personal assistant to just buy a plain balsam or fir wreath, hang it on the wall out of reach of paws and decorate it with ornaments...smells good and is a fun way to display the ornaments, too.

  2. Replies
    1. When Teri does get a tree up... it is all cat ornaments, too...with 2 birds and 2 mice for fun!

  3. I don't put up a Christmas tree, but I'd be collecting cat ornaments if I did! We are having some lovely temperatures here. Hope Coca gets lots of shopping time :)


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