Monday, December 23, 2013

Monday Mewsings

Sigh, Fashion Friday slipped by without a post! Too much to do around the Holidays... but that is what this post is all about!

Coco and I stopped by Merrifield Garden Center for a photo shoot last week and I got some super shots of her! She didn't get to sit on Santa's lap though... more on that later!

Merrifield Garden Center is a fantastic nursery nearby, and they are often seen on HGTV when homes are being landscaped, and every Christmas they have the best Holiday displays ever! Dozens of Christmas trees, all decorated in different themes, and more colors of Poinsettias than I ever knew existed!

Coco never ceases to amaze me when she is out in public! Although most of the soirees we attend are indoors, I was not sure how she would behave in an open space with so many breakables in it... you know the saying 'You break it, you buy it'? 

I had my concerns but they were unfounded, as Coco conducted herself with aplomb and grace! For the first 30 minutes of our visit, I couldn't even begin to take photos myself, as the customers were flocking around her with cameras and phones a flashing!  It was great fun!

So, without further ado, here are the best pictures from an absolutely fun afternoon! 

Love how'haughty' she looks in the photo above...

The golden glow of the above photo is so pretty, as is Coco's regal profile!

And my favorite one below, she looks like a fairy princess!

Oh, and about Santa? He was available for photos from 5-9pm and when he was asked if he would agree to having a photo of Coco in his lap...he said 'Only after all the kids are gone'. I understood his reluctance, as he would think a cat would be uncomfortable around a bevy of people and kids...but that's just because he hadn't been introduced to Coco, the Couture Cat! 

 It was cold and rainy and I didn't want to stand in line with Coco for 4 hours, so we didn't get a photo with Santa this year...but maybe I can plan for it next Christmas!


  1. aw, pretty girl. The tiara is pretty cool too.

  2. Coco looks so festive in her outfits with the Christmas decor as her background!

  3. Coco, you are a fashionista extraordinaire!



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