Friday, December 6, 2013

Fashion Friday

Coco and I had plans to sashay around town, with her dressed up in her Christmas finery (and me in the cute Kliban Cats Christmas T shirt that one of our friends gifted us with). . .

But, we didn't make it out of the house to do that, so it's on our 'To Do' list for next week. Coco says we can't have Brighton upstaging her!

Coco has a few Christmas outfits, red velvet with a matching Santa hat. . .

Plaid taffeta and velvet with a Christmas Candy inspired hat. . .

This years outfit was gifted to us by our fellow fashion savvy friend

I think Coco would ask to have a coordinating hat, as Coco (and I) 
are not sure the Tiara is the proper accessory. . .

I may be able to fashion something out of some tinseled garland and starry tulle, 
something like a halo, but I certainly am not a milliner. . . 

So we may have to go with the Tiara this year, and put a matching hat 
on next years Christmas wish list! Stay tuned for next weeks Fashion Friday
 post and see what we came up with!


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