Monday, December 1, 2014

Monday Mewsings

Well, last Monday we were all aglow from winning the Paw Vogue Fashionista 2014 Award! But that was Monday morning...

By Monday night, Coco was very ill and had me very worried over the next three days, while the doctors tried to figure out what was making Coco sick!

Monday night, she didn't get out of her heated bed to greet me as she normally does and I went to pick her up and she had a 105.2 F fever and had vomited, obviously while curled up in her bed. I spoke to my vet and started her on some meds and tried to cool her down with wet washcloths and she told me to take her temp in 2 hours.

I did and it came down a little, and a little more hours later. She was not showing any other symptoms other than fever and lethargy, so we waited and watched during the night and took her into to my vet (also where I work, so I was able to be with Coco...a great comfort)

She was on IV fluids for 2 days, and had scads of lab work done, an abdominal ultrasound and X-rays. The diagnosis was pancreatitis or SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth). Everyone was asking...How could she get this?

Well, it could have been the treats she had on Friday when the pet behavior/trainer was here to meet her (so we can start clicker training), something she isn't used to in her diet. But the other kitties also had a few treats and they didn't get sick.

Or it could have been the treats she indulged in or the stress of public appearances, even though she seems calm and collected... Regardless of the cause, many diseases were ruled out by the lab work, and that was a relief.

And with the excellent care of the vets and staff (and me) Coco started to feel better by Thursday and began eating again and by Saturday was back to her normal, chatty, playful self! That certainly made for a very Thankful Thanksgiving Day!

Coco did have her first Paw Signing on Nov 29th at Uptown Pet Bistro and Boutique in Fairfax, Virginia. It's a lovely shop, with all kinds of fashions and super quality food and treats. 

Coco has participated in one of their fund raising fashion shows before and her appearance caused quite a stir with the doggie set!

Syndee, the owner, just loves Coco and offered us a spot on Saturday afternoon and we had great fun (although I think I ate the most cookies and sipped the most cider!).

Lots of photos were snapped and we sold 5 books, too! A lovely way to spend the afternoon!

We have a big cat show to attend next weekend, and you can be sure that Coco will not be getting any unfamiliar treats and I will keep a close eye on her to try and make sure she is contented and happy, and will be using some of Jackson Galaxy's Spirit Essences on her, the Stress Stopper...

If you are anywhere near Parkville, Maryland, we'd love for you to stop by The Santa Paws Cat Show and say hello...and perhaps buy a pawtographed copy of The Adventures of Coco le Chat, the World's Most Fashionable Feline!

Since everyone is starting their Holiday Gift List right about now...don't forget, you can buy a pawtographed copy directly from us, just leave us a message in the comments and we will contact you with the details!


  1. I am so glad that Coco is better - I was so worried about her, and so was my human! It's too bad nobody could figure out the source of what caused this. I'd feel a lot better if somebody knew that.


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