Monday, November 24, 2014

Monday Mewsings

Another two Fashion Fridays have come and gone, and it's not because Coco hasn't been taking the fashion scene by storm! I need a personal assistant, or at least a maid, so I can focus on being Coco's personal assistant!

The big news of the week? On November 16th, 2014, Coco was named the winner, by unanimous decision by the judges, of The Paw Vogue Fashionista 2014 Award!

There were 67 entries, and Coco was the only feline. I thought that might put her at a disadvantage, along with the fact that she had not yet strutted the runway in New York City, as so many of the entries had, and they all had a style and verve that I often envy myself!

But the judges were looking for a winner that had everything in that one photo - style, setting, attention to detail and a fashion sense that wowed! In the words of one of the judges, the winning photo of Coco showed her 'fierce attitude and uncompromising way she wears fashion!'

Here's the winning photograph, taken by me, at the fabulous Christmas Holiday display at Merrifield Gardens!

Getting that perfect model pose, looking over her shoulder, with a look that says "I'm Fabulous!" was chance, and I couldn't have guessed how stunning it was, even though the setting and the other shots I got that day were all charming and filled with glitter, gold and was this photo that spoke to me! 

And, so it seems, did it speak to the judges also and I am so proud to know that what I saw in Coco, they did too! 

Here's two more photos of that session, and while they are pretty and festive, you can see why that one photo had the vote of each of the three judges!

Here is a fabulous article, by one of the judges, Jody Miller-Young of Bark and Swagger, and Couture by Sophie...we thought you would like to read all about it!

I am honored and know that Coco will try to live up to the expectations of her adoring fans, and to have fun and help homeless cats by spreading the word of the organizations we support! 

And watch for our post on Fashion Friday, when you get to see the gown that Coco picked out (with my help, of course) as her prize for being chosen Paw Vogue Fashionista 2014!


  1. A BIG paws up for you, Coco! This is such a great honor for you - and you so deserve it!

  2. We think your top model pout is perfect in that picture, too! We can't wait to see the gown you chose as your prize.


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