Monday, December 15, 2014

Monday Mewsings...Cat Show Chatter!

Coco's schedule has been busy, hectic and fun! With time to nap, of course! She needs her beauty rest, and I'm keeping a close eye on her after her illness during Thanksgiving week! 

We already had some outings planned before she got sick, and I was hoping that the personal appearances weren't too much stress for her...but as you can see, she had time to snooze and relax, too. 

This is her booth at the Santa Paws Cat Show in Parkville MD on December 7-8th. Each show I fine-tune the booth and I am pleased with how it looks now--with outfits from the book featuring Coco, The Adventures of Coco le Chat, The World's Most Fashionable Feline!

As well as some in her finest Christmas attire!

Stylin' in her festive holiday halter by Halters by Nikky and her Christmas Candy hat by ZK Hat Couture...what a fierce way she wears fashion! But finding time for a power nap, too!

We had another successful weekend pawtographing copies of the book and sold 15 copies, with many going to be sweet presents under someone's Christmas tree! 

There is still a bit of time left if you would like to order your own pawtographed copy of The Adventures of Coco le Chat...just leave us a comment here or email us at info at cococouturecat dot com and we can tell you how to order a personalized book just from us!

And it is also available on Amazon and many of your local bookstores... if you order online, please remember to post a review, so that you can help make The Adventures a Best Seller!!


  1. How cool - I really hope that someday I can be at a cat show where Coco has a boooth!

  2. The booth looks amazing and Coco as beautiful as always. Hope she keps feeling better

  3. We're glad your book is selling well, Coco!


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