Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

Coco is Hissed at me! I never got around to ordering a Cats of the CB calendar and she is featured as today's kitty!

Our friends saw her and sent these greetings...

It's Happy Coco Day on the Cats of the CB calendar! 
We really just stopped by to say, "Happy Calendar Day Coco!" We love Wednesday's pic!

I can't even remember what photo I submitted! No wonder Coco is hissed off!

I think it's too late to order one now, but maybe someone ordered two and I could buy one of of them and keep it for posterity, even if February 5th will be over soon!

Oh, and don't forget to Hop, even if I forgot to order a Cats of the CB calendar!


  1. My human didn't get one either - and both me and Binga are in it!

  2. The horror! Coco is a calendar girl without a calendar!! Her eyes just sparkle and she is so lovely -- you must get one - and then frame it! ;o)


  3. Ooh, will you wear that pink number at BlogPaws? And do you follow me at ? I never ask but I joined the BP Feb. challenge to get more followers. Maybe I should just try treats . . . .


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