Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday Mewsings

Photo by Teri T

As you may have noticed, we have missed a few Monday Mewsings!

The inclement weather wasn't conducive to getting out & about...

Photo by Teri T

But this past weekend, Coco and I were invited to a VA/DC/MD Pet Blogger Meet Up!

Joining in the fun were Emmy of Emmy the Pet Sitter, Alix of Fetch for Me, Human, (Teri), AJ of I Still Want More Puppies, Jessica of Beagles and Bargains, Elyse of Adventures of a Cattle Dog, and Rebecca of The World According to Garth.

We had a great waiter, tasty comfort food, a perfect table and a few flats in attendance, too!

 We got to talk about our accomplishments and our goals and the reasons we blog...

And then afterwards, we got to gather for more photos, and licks and kisses and sniffings and hisses from those very reasons we blog...our beloved companions who often make us smile just by being themselves!

It was a lovely day with lovely friends and Coco and I look forward to another Meet Up soon!

(All the photos, unless otherwise noted, were taken by the talented Emmy Scammahorn)


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