Friday, February 7, 2014

Fashion the Vet's

Coco not only gets asked to participate in fashion shows...

The Hope Advanced Veterinary Medicine Center, where I work, asked me if Coco might be a good kitty to participate in the Ultrasound Wet Lab at their Facets conference in March...

That doesn't mean she has to get wet (although she doesn't mind baths) but to participate in the class, sitting (or laying) still for doctors to practice ultrasounding her. So I took her into work with me (dressed up, of course!) for a 'test run'...

I didn't hear how she did and the tech had left before I had a chance to ask. Somehow I feel she probably didn't have the patience for it, as lounging on a bed all stretched out is a lot different than laying on your side when you don't wish to, with gel and probes being run over your body!

But I'll be sure to amend this post when I find out how she did!

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  1. Yeah, that sounds a whole lot different from a star turn!


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