Saturday, November 4, 2017

Dona Nobis Pacem

Today, November 4th 2017 is the 11th year of the BlogPeace project, started by Mimi Lenox and something that has grown into a world-wide phenomenon. This years theme is Finding Peace in Troubling Times. 

These are troubling times, and I find myself happy and content only about half the time... I think the cats  are doing their best to bring a grateful peace into my life, and I get a lot of happiness in helping others and so I know there is Love in the World, but wonder if Peace is just a Dream... 

Bloggers all around the world are doing the same today...a collective project, making their Peace Globes. Individuals who want peace while the governments all around the world seem to be at opposite ends of the spectrum. I have become very cynical about trying to elect officials that have the common man's interest at heart...they seem so distanced from what is reality.

At the heart of this project is hope and when people from 6 continents and 214 countries & territories also work for peace, how could we not post our Peace Globe today?!

Some of our hopes for the day...

purr loudly...
don't hiss at each other...
breath deeply (especially of catnip)...
and love just as deeply...
(remember kneading = love)


  1. I loved this, especially the "no hisses". LOL. Love seeing John and Yoko too.

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  3. Great message, beautiful glo=be. Thanks for sharing. Peace to you! ☮️


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