Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday Musings

People often ask me 'How did you train Coco to dress up and actually seem to enjoy it?'

They say 'My cat would rip the outfits off in a second, or fall over sideways like they were unable to move'...

I didn't train Coco to accept my ministrations or perform in public...she just does it with a flair and confidence all her own!

Maybe part of it is the temperament of the Cornish Rex breed--outgoing, inquisitive and gregarious.

I feel that when she is the center of attention, by me or others, she is in her element and is happiest. And she's been doing this for a few years now and every time we go out, she still continues to amaze me with her style and verve!

Another surprise though, is her 13 year old mother, Kely Bray, has taken to public appearances and dressing up just like her daughter! Kely came back home to me last year when her family made the decision to give her up.

She had never been a show cat, and was not accustomed to public appearances,  but I am a Client Care Specialist at Just Cats Clinic in Reston Virginia and a few weeks ago started taking Kely in to work with me for her laser therapy treatments.

Of course, I thought she might look cute in one of the outfits Coco has outgrown, but wasn't sure if she would be comfortable or if she would even accept dressing up. Well, she is, she does and she has become quite the 'Greeter Kitty' at JCC!

I have even started a Facebook 'Daily Kely' update which our friends are enjoying, saying things like 'Your pictures are like little meditations in beauty, grace and fun. I feel better every time I see one! Thank you!

Gosh, these photos of Kely make me feel the same way, too! 

Coco will always be the model and rock the Cat Walk with her style, but Kely has a quiet grace that is very special and unique and loved...


  1. The woman says you are the best dressed everywhere you go Coco but I see your mother has the same great sense of style.

  2. Kely is proof - it's never too late for a second start in life!

  3. aww - what adorable girls!! we love that picture of Kely in the window with the kids :)

  4. How awesome Kely likes to dress up and go to work with you!

  5. Huh? We left a comment but it didn't show up. Well...what we said was...

    Coco, you are one of a kind...a very fashionable one of a kind. But we'll add to that...Kely looks pawsome too!

  6. O,Teri, She is soo Delightful!! <3 xoxo :D

  7. Kely is the Matron Kitty! :-)
    It's so very cool that Coco's mom is couture too!


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