Friday, July 25, 2014

Fashion Friday...Tropical Style!

Before Summer is completely over...wish Coco & I could make it to the beach, any beach!

Coco has her Boca Raton inspired flirty little dress, which could double as a swim suit cover up...

And all that's missing from this tropical outfit is a Carmen Miranda basket of fruit hat!

But the coconut bra embellished with flowers is quite eye-catching, don't you think?!

But Coco thinks it's a bit uncomfortable, if I am understanding this look she gave me!


  1. I'm surprised there is no Carmen Miranda fruit hat for Coco!

  2. I don't think she likes that outfit...maybe it's a little too much South Seas for her ;-)

  3. Coconut bras never quite fit correctly (at least that is what meowm says). But coco does look marvelous!

  4. We think Maxwell just blushed looking at that second outfit! MOL!


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