Monday, June 2, 2014

Monday Mewsings...Teri Hugged a Capy at #Blogpaws 'n More!

When I tell non-blogging friends that Coco and I attended a pet blogging conference in Las Vegas, it's difficult to put into words what kind of experience that really is and what friendships are formed and strengthened by being together.

Photo by Paris Permenter of
This video by Pet World Insider tells part of the story...

And they say Pictures Speak a Thousand Words... and as you can see, I'm smiling in every photo I'm in!

And Brighton and I even made it onto a display board, from photos taken at the last BlogPaws conference.

Of course, the star was really Coco, I'm just her personal assistant, at her beck and call, most willingly, of course!

Of course, we visited the Cat Style Lounge!

Coco sampling some Honest Kitchen appetizers...

BlogPaws Swag!

Certainly need sun glasses with bling in Las Vegas!
How glitzy we felt, walking (or strolling) the Red Carpet before the Nose-to-Nose Pet Blogger and Social Media Awards banquet and ceremony!

And how fun it was to cheer on our friends who won, too!

  • Best Cat Blog – GloGirly, Debbie Glovatsky 
  • Best Pet Cause Blog – Fire Safety Rocks, Dayna Hilton
  • Best Pet Blog Design – GloGirly, Debbie Glovatsky
  • Best Dog Blog – The Intrepid Pup, Tracy Baetz
  • Best Pet Humor Blog – Cat vs. Human, Yasmine Surovec
  • Best Pet Microblog – Deaf Dogs Rock, Christina Lee
  • Best New Pet Blog – Traveling Cats, Vanessa Morgan
  • Best Other Pet Blog – Speedy the Cheeky House Bunny, Rachel De Jong
  • Best Pet Blog Photo – Pawsitively Texas, Alva Logsdon
  • Best Pet Blog Post – Life with Dogs and Cats, Susan Willet
  • Best Pet Blog Video – Cat-CATastrophes: The Inheritance, Alana Grelyak
  • Best Use of Social Media by a 501c3 – Morris Animal Foundation, Tina Martinez


  1. My human is so envious - she didn't get to meet the capybara!

  2. You were the most stylish pair at the event. I was very happy to meet you both

  3. Looks like a good time was had by all! One can't appreciate the size of a capybara until you see them up close. We wondered what Coco thought of that creature ;-)

  4. Great photos! We can't wait until next year!

  5. you do know the capy thought I was it's mother, right?


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