Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day...

This handsome hunk is Coco's Dad!

His name is Taddy Porter and he was named after an English beer, very fitting a name for such an manly cat!

He fathered many fine kittens, but the litter that Coco was in was his was time for him to retire and just have fun!

He 'retired' from his manly role in 2006, and lives with a lovely family with a sweet Sphynx lady cat and grandkids who adore him, and two humans as his servants. 

People ask me if it was hard for me to part with him. Yes, but I had his best interests at heart and wanted him to be king of the house and have lots of attention, more than just I could give him.

So, he still has Daddy duties, and I think Coco gets her sweet and adventurous spirit from him!


  1. How awesome to see your dad, Coco! We are lucky kitties, having the chance to know our fathers.


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