Friday, September 27, 2013

Introducing Coco, the Couture Cat!

Coco, The Couture Cat, strolling across the country, attending fund raising pet fashion shows, pet blogging conferences, and cat shows as a 'Pet Me' cat, in her Pink Catillac!

Some of you may already know Coco from the blog, Curlz and Swirlz, where she and her roommates share their loves and lives with you. 

But, as Coco often seems to steal the show when out and about at trendy night spots or when at fashion shows doing her little turn on the catwalk, she's putting her paw down and starting a blog of her own!

After all, it's what animal communicator and pet psychic Shira told Coco's personal assistant, Teri...that Coco is very glad that she and Teri have the same fashion sense; that pink is her favorite color; that she wants to write a book about her adventures; and that she wants to know when her seamstresses and milliners are going to come up with her newest ensemble!

So, please join Coco, and occasionally her entourage of bodyguards, photographers, dressers, and friends, on her adventures, excursions, parties and fashion shows...You know you want to!

Welcome to Coco's World!


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