Monday, September 30, 2013

Coco, the Pet Me Cat!

Coco participated in a cat show this past weekend, and she attracted a lot of ooohs and ahhhs and petting, too!

She had about six costume changes each day and each time someone saw her being chauffeured around in her Pink Catillac, they asked 'What is she wearing now?"

On Saturday, she wore a HK dresses (she has 3), and the chemise she wore to the Wigglebutt Wedding, and her Love Hurts corset dress, and her Halloween Cupcake dress, and her Blue Flame dress, and her Punk Rocker ensemble, too. She even found the time to help me shop, too!

On Sunday, Coco dressed up in her her Downton Abbey frock and hat, and her second Halloween costume, a Butterfly, and the Paris dress and beret, and the exquisite black and gold satin formal with matching hat, and her HK fleece dress and cute socks that look like Mary Janes! And of course, the splendiferous Pink Confection pageant ensemble with her pink wig and a pink tiara, too!

I handed out dozens of her new mini cards to all the paparazzi. I ordered them from and they turned out perfectly, just the right size to pass out and with the nice photo gloss finish, her photos look stunning! These mini cards have her new website on them, as well as a statement saying 'Photos taken of Coco at her public appearances may only be used for personal or non-commercial use.'

I love being Coco's personal assistant! It's the purrfect job. I love talking to all the people who meet her about how she got her start being a Fashion Icon amongst cats...but let's leave that story for another day and just enjoy seeing her photos from the cat show!   

  Welcome to Coco's World!

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