Wednesday, April 19, 2017

#BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop! The Cat's Out of the Bag!

Only 28 days until the 9th BlogPaws Social Media and Pet Blogging Conference begins! 

Visiting the BlogPaws Cat Lounge to see the latest in 'All Things Cat' has been always been one of the highlights of attending the conference for me, and this year, I am very excited to announce that Coco and I and her feline housemates will be a part of 'Team Cat' in the Cat Lounge!

Yes! We will join the Kate Benjamin of Hauspanther fame, and Feline Internet Celebrity, Luna Rose, and Cat Astrologer Ellen Zucker to make the 2017 BlogPaws Cat Lounge the place to see and be seen! 

In our little corner of the Cat Lounge, Enhancing the Human-Cat Bond, we will will strut our stuff in the finest of pet fashion, as well as give demos on our clicker training skills, give our personal recommendations on our favorite cat carriers and strollers, grooming supplies and toys, too! 

After all, it's all about us cats and how to keep us happy with toys, interactive feeders, comfy beds and fabulous cat furniture! That's what the Cat Lounge is all about! Oh, there will be some human fashion finery, too! Something for everyone! 

Other fun activities that will be happening in the Cat Lounge will be a Selfie Station, a DIY Cat-Centric craft table, and comfy couches to relax and recharge before you head off the to next educational session!

If the fact that you will be able to get up close and personal with Coco and her friends isn't enough to get you off that proverbial fence about whether you should register for the 2017 BlogPaws conference, maybe the fact that you can enter a drawing to win ALL the goodies in the Cat Lounge! 

As I say, BlogPaws is the most fun you can have while learning and we sure wouldn't want you to miss out on the opportunities that attending a BlogPaws conference brings to you! We hope to see you there! Click on this link to learn more about how you can be part of the BlogPaws experience!

Oh, yes, and since this is a Blog Hop, get to know some of the bloggers who will be attending the conference and start building new friendships now!


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