Monday, February 20, 2017


Coco and I have a very special, very close relationship. I have heard some people criticize because part of the relationship I have with her is dressing her up.

Those who have never met us don't know the true depth of the love and respect I have for Coco. Yes, I have true respect for her! So today, on #NationalLoveYourPetDay, I felt it so very appropriate to share some photos of us together, something I don't often do...because this is her website. 

But I am the person that loves her the most...and I think you can see that in these photos...I hold her close to me, I support her so she feels safe and she is relaxed, with her paws over my arms so in a way, we are both cradling each other and that feels comforting...

So today, whatever brings you and your pet closer together, whatever strengthens the bond and the love you share, spend it knowing that today, we celebrate that loving relationship on National Love Your Pet Day!


  1. I agree - people sometimes don't get that I enjoy traveling, wearing clothes, and being the center of attention... but I love all that! My life would be so dreary if I didn't have a human who knew how to enrich my life.

  2. We know you wouldn't do anything to Coco that she wouldn't want. We know she loves dressing up...and she loves you. :)

  3. As long as I know you & Coco, I always see ' Love' , I think play dress-up it's a girls thing =^x^=
    I guess it's the same as Some Mancats ride the bike or motorcycle with their humans and people complained about " Too dangerous, and shouldn't done that " For me, all kitties have a special bond with their human and no way their pawrents will force them to do anything they don't want because the human knows who is the boss...tee..heh


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