Sunday, June 26, 2016

Simply Sunday Morning, #BlogPaws Style

It's been another amazing BlogPaws Conference, and the beautiful Sheraton Grand Wild Horse Pass Resort made our stay even more memorable! It's been like a mini-vacation for Coco and I, and we are staying on a couple of days just to soak up the ambiance (and some pool time maybe...)

Coco, the Cornish Rex cat, in her Snoozer carrier, on the plane flying to Phoenix

We flew in last Wednesday morning, and got settled in our very comfortable room. We had 2 (heavy) suitcases, one for me and one for Coco's wardrobe & accessories, and two beds (I like to do that so I have a place to put the BlogPaws swag, LOL! 

BlogPaws outdid themselves this year, with a Cat Swag bag filled with unique toys and accessories and a nice variety of food and treats, too! Along with some nice things for 'personal assistants', too.

Coco, the Cornish Rex, checking out the BlogPaws Swag

We then went out to explore the resort, soaking up the Southwestern vibe, and taking a few photos. Calming American Indian music played softly in the background and the decor and setting was inspiring...

Coco, the Cornish Rex, posing for photos at the Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort

Coco, the Cornish Rex, posing for photos at the Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort

Wednesday evening began with a Evening Pre-Event Welcome Reception sponsored by PetSmart and it was fun seeing old friends and meeting new ones.

Coco, the Cornish Rex, at the BlogPaws PetSmart Welcome Reception

But we retired early as I hadn't sleep the night before the early morning flight (always fearful I will oversleep).

Coco, the Cornish Rex, enjoying at cat  nap in our luxurious room

Of course, I let Coco get as much beauty sleep as she could, as I knew the next few days would be filled with activity and a flurry of costume least 4 a day! But as I tell people, as long as Coco is in the comfort and security of the Pink Catillac (her rolling cat bed, lol), she is pretty chill and happy!

Coco, the Cornish Rex, in her Pink Catillac at the Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort

Well, that is Day One of BlogPaws 2016! Watch for more news and photos this week, as I took over 100 photos and am busy editing and saving the best, as well as surfing the web looking for pix that others took of Coco! 

And if you'd like to read what other attendees have blogged about their experience at this fantastic conference, just follow the blog hop and live vicariously through them!


  1. Coco, you are lucky you got to explore a bit! My human was going to take me wandering Sunday Morning, but we ran out of time.

  2. Coco, the mom was so happy to be able to see you again at BlogPaws. She says you are the best dressed there...both fur and human! :)

  3. It was so great to see you guys all over the conference, such lovely outfits! Coco was so well behaved.

  4. I'm impressed you wrote a blog post from Arizona. Coco looked amazing! She's so regal and well behaved. I hope she's still dining on kitty swag.


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