Saturday, April 11, 2015

National Pet (Me) Day, #BlogPaws Style!

A celebrity cat like Coco gets lots of opportunities to get petted, scratched and smooched...

But today is actually not Pet Coco Day, but National Pet Day, and we would like to share a lovely post written by Robbi Hess, the #BlogPaws Blog Manager, as part of the BlogPaws #BeTheChange For Pets mission.

One of the many things that I enjoy and value about being part of the BlogPaws community is their Be The Change for Pets mission.  

  • Where will Be the Change for Pets lead us?
  • What can we accomplish together?
  • What can you do to help make a difference?
From the very first BlogPaws Conference I attended and I personally saw the effect they had of leading us to make a difference, I knew I would become a strong supporter of anything they strive to accomplish, and in that way, accomplish something myself. 

BlogPaws played a big part in giving me and Coco a direction in fundraising and personal appearances and in talking about all that the BlogPaws Community and Conferences have to offer animal advocates like myself.

Even #lifestyle bloggers, and #techie bloggers and #foodie bloggers have animal lovers in their midst and any of them can benefit from being part of BlogPaws, and get that same 'feel good' feeling about helping animals in need!

Beyond the fun and camaraderie, BlogPaws is about learning social media and blogging. That education can be applicable to anyone using social media and wants to grow their writing, their business or their friendly followers! 

They give you the tools to do that, and now with the addition of the brand new BlogPaws Social Learning Center, they have expanded their educational platform , bringing to you an even more in-depth learning environment!

It's only 48 more days until the 2015 BlogPaws Conference and I couldn't be more excited. The speakers are many and varied, and as a cat fan, I am so pleased that the Cat Writer's Association will be joining the conference with their writing track! And then there's the food and the Red Carpet and the Awards and Pawject Runway where pets strut for shelters!


If you haven't registered yet (and asked for time off from work) better get going! You might not believe this, but when I was job hunting in 2012, I actually told prospective employers that I had a commitment to attend a conference in May 2013 when they interviewed me. That's how important attending this conference is to me!

You can get 10% off the registration cost by using my Ambassador discount code, BP15-Amb-Teri-10 and you will see Coco & I there! BlogPaws Conference Registration, and Hop onto this Blog Hop and read what other bloggers are saying about their BlogPaws Experience!

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  1. I've been at a cat show since Friday, and I am beginning to think it is National pet Summer day 'cause everybody seems to want to!


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