Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

Coco & her bodyguards in their Glow-in-the-Dark Rogz collars,,,
How cool is that!

If your cat would like one of their very own, here's where to order them:

Warning: If you have more furs than them, the collar might be hidden under floof!

All my cats are microchipped, but they also wear collars and name tags, because not all people are familiar with microchipping and if, heaven forbid, my cats escaped outside, they might be hard to catch AND get in a carrier for a stranger. Plus, it means whoever found them would have to make a trip to a vet or shelter to get them scanned for a chip. 

It is safer and faster to have a name tag with your phone # on it, and in case the collar comes off, having the microchip is extra insurance and proof that the cat is yours! Many people say 'Well, my cats don't go outside'. But all it takes is a natural disaster like a hurricane, or a screen popping out of a window, or a visitor inadvertently letting them dash out the door...and your indoor only kitty is now outside!

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