Friday, September 19, 2014

Fashion Friday!

Where did the week go?? Do I dare cram in a weeks worth of activity into one blog post?

Well, a lot has been going on, and we know...Inquiring minds want to know!!

Coco and I made our appearance at the National Capital Cat Show on September 6-7th and it was part work...

I am Senior (OK, no jokes here about that being apparent) Client Care Specialist at Just Cats Clinic in Reston, VA and so on Saturday, with some able assistants, we manned the booth and passed out goody bags and talked to all the cat lovers who stopped by...

 And part pleasure!

See, these beauties are all wearing tiaras! Coco, Mrs Virginia 2014, Autumn-Skye Boothe and Alanna Port, Miss Colligeate Virginia 2014! They said they were envious of Coco's wardrobe! 

And then this week, the excitement was the arrival by UPS of the new book, The Adventures of Coco LeChat, the world's most fashionable feline!!

It's not due to be released until October 30th, 2014, so it was a big surprise to have our copies arrive this early!! Just in time for HollyWoof, Barktoberfest and the Central PA Pet Expo!!

I am so pleased with how the book came to life (more on that in another post...) and the vision that the author and photographer had was truly inspired and each picture, and the story line, is charming and while a children's book...who doesn't want to feel the joy of being a child even if you are grown up!

Coco is in the process of signing a few special copies, and if you would like to purchase a book now, just leave us a comment and we will get in touch with you!

And to round out this week...we are busily preparing for HollyWoof tomorrow! I didn't lose enough weight to fit into this lovely ensemble...

But I kind of knew that about a month ago, so I commissioned Anna M of Herndon to come up with an outfit for Coco that would match my backup dress! 

OMC, it's a surprise that will have to wait til tomorrow, but just let me say, dress and hat and matching leash are splendiferous and we are sure the paparazzi at Hollywoof will be stumbling over themselves to get our photo!

Of course, I have visions of Anna M becoming Coco's personal couturier and a line of clothing coming has to dream!


  1. I can't wait to see your (and Coco's) wardrobe!

  2. Me too cant wait to see the outfits. I am sure you will both look stunning

  3. We can't wait to see Coco's outfit. We know it won't disappoint. :)


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