Monday, August 18, 2014

Monday Mewsings...

This IS Coco's page, but as you might have noticed, her mother keeps popping in to show, at 14 years old, she still knows how to strut her stuff! I hope for just as long and fashionable life with Coco!

Today when I went to work, with Kely along as I try to do almost every weekday (and of course, post her Weekday Kely pix to Facebook) I was in for a big surprise from one of my coworkers!

She made Kely a Kimono! The photos just don't do it justice, all the fine details and delicate stitching!

Fortunately, Kely and Coco can share outfits, and so here's a photo of Coco wearing the lovely kimono, too!

Anna has begun to work on a gown for Coco, as she is attending the Wigglebutt's Go HollyWoof! in September...we are very excited to see what magic she works with the fabrics, ribbons and jewels we gave her!


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