Friday, May 9, 2014

Fashion Friday, #BlogPaws Style!

I know it's already Friday, but we've been having so much fun, I'm behind in posting pix!

Wednesday night we had a little "Cocotails' Party in our room, with some of our fav cat ladies in attendance (oh, and a goat lady, too!)

Then it was off to Dessert on the Terrace, sponsored by Bissell. Fantastic food, awesome view and lots of visiting with friends!

Thursday, after a nice sleep in the Heavenly Beds, and a waterfall of a shower (Coco stayed in bed for an extra 40 winks), it was off to check in, gather our swag and generally see and be seen time! 

And of course, that included visiting The Cat Style Lounge, which was over-the-top this year!

... more mews and pix later!


  1. Hey! We recognize a lot of those peeps! And Coco, Allie wants to swap couture news and fashion trends with you!

  2. My human is bummed she missed your hotel room soiree, Coco - she got in late in the afternoon and had too much catching up to do!

  3. Hi, Coco! We found you from a few our our furiends blog posts about BlogPaws and thought we'd come check out your blog and meet you! It sure looks like BlogPaws was a blast. Our mom was very disappointed she missed it, but she has already purchased her ticket for next year! Glad you had such a good time. It's great to meet you! -- Delilah, Sampson, Sophie, Sassy, Caster, and Mom Emily


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