Friday, September 9, 2016

Fashion Friday!

Coco, the Cornish Rex, at the Just Cats Clinic Open House

Yes, we have been absent from the fashion scene for the past month, at least as far as blogging goes! But I've been busy growing Coco's Instagram presence and am quite pleased with the response! Coco is a very 'visual' cat and Instagram seems to be a good medium for her unique style!

Coco, the Cornish Rex, in an elegant 1920's style ensemble

Coco has a new Watermark, designed by the fabulous Debbie Glovatsky of GloGirly fame! It coordinates with the rest of her website, and I think the heart is a nice touch! Just getting through the hundreds of photos of Coco and editing them is quite a task to squeeze into my evenings and weekends!

Coco, the Cornish Rex and Teri at the Wigglebutt Wedding

In fact, it was while doing just that which made me realize I never posted any photos from our glamorous time in Florida last June, attending the Fabulous FurBaby Cotillion! Both Coco and me got to 'dress to the nines' and also got in some relaxation time out by the pool, and it was all for a good help Florida Yorkie Rescue!

Just to give you a taste, here are a couple of photos taken by photographer extraordinaire, Neely Waring...more to follow next Fashion Friday! 

Coco, the Cornish Rex and Teri at the Fabulous Fur-Baby Cotillion
Photo by Neely Waring Photography ©

Coco, the Cornish Rex, in her stunning ensemble by Belle Diva Couture
Photo by Neely Waring Photography ©

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  1. You really have been busy while you've been away from the blog, Coco!


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