Coco's Designers

Many of the ensembles that you see Coco modeling are made by an elite cadre of designers and milliners.

Roni Goldberg Designs

Coco would like to thank each of them for designing both formal and casual wear for her that makes her look her best when out on the town!

Jaimie Diaz Couture

Yes, Coco stilll has a few 'Off The Rack' items in her wardrobe, but most of her clothes and hats are Couture. She does have Champagne taste on a Moscato budget, so she does have to shop wisely! 

ZK Hat Couture

She says movie stars are given gowns to wear at the Academy Awards and she has a dream where she could help pets in need by donning a gown a designer gives to her and then have an auction for the gown, where the proceeds could go to help pets in need. 

Poshy Pups 

That would make Coco very happy to know that her modeling could help a sanctuary or rescue organization she supports!

To visit Coco's designers, and feel like you are flipping through the pages of a fashion magazine, just follow the links below. Unfortunately, for those of you not on Facebook, some of these sites won't be visible to you:

Susan McGuire of Babette's Maison de Woof

Janice Craig of Belle Diva Couture

Sandra Barnes of Chicka-Bow-Wow Fashions 

Roni Goldberg of Fashion 4 Paws Designs

Adriane McManus of Furry Fashionista 

Nikky Vann of Halters by Nikky

Susan Howard of Hayley's Hats 

Andrea LaPoint of  L & G Custom Creations

Tammy Peace of  Pampered Puppy Boutique

and last, but not least, 

The fab team at Mister Migs! Mister Migs, Dog (and Cat) Gear for Good!

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  1. WE Love designing for Coco the Couture Cat!! She is the Most Beautiful, Fashionable Cat!!! WE Love her and her sweet Mom!! <3 xoxoox :D


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