Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Mewsings from Coco and her Entourage!

November of 2018? Is that really our last post to Coco's blog? Did we really disappear? Lose our Mojo? Or did life get in the way of doing something we love? Well, a little of each of those things, but not in a bad way...

I retired from a 48 year career in the veterinary healthcare profession and moved back to the Pacific Northwest to be close to family and all the PNW things I missed while on the east coast.

Coco and her two bodyguards and I made a road trip across the USA in our new-to-us Subaru and stopped to visit friends along the way! The cats are seasoned travelers, and adapted to their accommodations easily as I took along all their familiar things-blanket, pet safe heating pads, burrow beds and litter box they used at home.

We had a fabulous stay in Nederland CO at The Boulder Creek Lodge and Coco was treated by the staff like the Celebrikitty she is, and we even got in a little hiking while we were there...the cats first 'Adventure Cat' adventure!

And before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Coco strolled the town and found there are pawparazzi here, too! Yay! 

We have settled into our new home, complete with a catio, and while Coco hasn't ventured out in a kayak yet, her bodyguards have! 

We look forward to getting out and attending some pet fundraising events and dining out Al Fresco again, but for now, we are mostly being homebodies and enjoying life in Southern Oregon! Stay tuned for regular updates and mews!