Wednesday, February 24, 2016

BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop: Dress It Up!

Coco the Cornish Rex in Faux Fur Capelet and PoochieBoots

OMC! Couldn't miss this Worldless Wednesday! Coco has a reputation of wearing fashions more elegant and extravagant that I do, and she certainly knows how to "Dress It Up" although she has made me 'Up My Game' to try and keep up with her!

Here we are at The Wigglebutt Warriors HollyWoof Gala a couple of years ago!

Coco the Cornish Rex at the HollyWoof Gala
Photo by Jeanne Taylor Photography

And Coco had to Work It to keep up with these Brazilian dancers at the Fancy Cats Rescue Carnaval fundraiser!

Coco the Cornish Rex at Fancy Cats Carnaval

Coco the Cornish Rex in her Mardi Gras Costume

And part of the fun we have at every #BlogPaws conference is Coco having her multiple costume changes each day, so attendees passing us in the hallway always stop and ask "What is she wearing now?"

Coco the Cornish Rex in her Pink Wig at BlogPaws Conference

And we are certain that BlogPaws 2016 will be even more pawsome than ever, as it's being held at the fabulous resort, The Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort & Spa! Coco and I will be there, and as always, she will be more dressed up and dazzling that me!

Now, Coco doesn't have a bikini, but I'm sure she'll spend some sunning herself by the pool (maybe in the nude except for some dazzling jewels) and having a feline friendly beverage with an umbrella in it! Maybe a Meowjito! 

Here she is at BlogPaws 2014, looking chic in a guazey batik sundress, just perfect for the Westin Lake Las Vegas Resort where the conference was held!

Coco the Cornish Rex at BlogPaws at the Westin Lake Las Vegas Resort

So excited to be attending our 7th BlogPaws conference, and always tell people that BlogPaws wants you to be the best you can be as a blogger, writer, photographer and animal advocate! They give you the tools and I have learned so much from the conferences and the community!

And the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hops are a great way to get to know people in the BlogPaws community and then being able to actually meet face-to-face at the conference...well, that builds friendships that are something special! So join in and check out some blogs you haven't visited yet!

BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop badge

Friday, February 12, 2016

Fashion Friday

Coco the Cornish Rex cat in NYC Fashion Show

One year ago, Coco and I were in New York City, participating in The New York Pet Fashion Show and while I did blog about it at the time, , over the past year, a number of photos of Coco appeared on the internet, and I thought I would share those today.

Coco the Cornish Rex cat in NYC Pet Fashion Show

The theme last year was Peace, Love & Animal Rescue, and Coco and I dressed the part and participated in the costume contest, too!

NYC Pet Fashion Show 2015 poster

There were many other events to attend, including Doggies and Tiaras pageant and a Pug wedding!

Coco the Cornish Rex cat and her pink Catillac

It was an experience that we'll never forget, and even Coco's Cuddle Clone, Cici, filled in for Coco from time-to-time, at restaurants and museums!

Coco's Cuddle Clone at the NYC FIT Museum

Teri and Coco's Cuddle Clone at lunch

CiCi, Coco the Cornish Rex cat's Cuddle Clone in a NYC taxi

We have enjoyed watching the videos and seeing the photos turning up online of our friends who are up in NYC this weekend, and if you'd like to see some of the 2016 event, just follow this link!

NYC Pet Fashion Show 2016 poster

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Celebrating Mardi with Style, Of Course!

Coco the Cornish Rex cat in Mardi Gras mask

Laissez les bon temps rouler!

Coco the Cornish Rex cat Mardi Gras costume

Of course, Coco has just the right ensemble to join in the parade!

Coco the Cornish Rex cat Mardi Gras photo shoot