Saturday, May 30, 2015

#BlogPaws 2015...Two Days In!

How can it be Saturday already? Coco and I have had enough sleeps to feel rested, though I wish that the conference still had a few more days...of visiting and learning and networking and eating and making new friends!

The new friendships will grow and be strengthened over the next year, so that when #BlogPaws 2016 happens in Phoenix Arizona... we can get together with 'old friends' again!

Thursday, I went with a couple of friends and had a little adventure! A couple of years ago, at the BlogPaws in Salt Lake City, I got my third tattoo, rainbow colored angel cats in the style of Laurel Burch.

This year, I got one related to my Cat Nurse career...

Yesterday, Friday, Coco and I visited the Cat Style Lounge. She was dressed to the nines in her Las Vegas Showgirl ensemble, not Active Wear, so there was not much leaping and aerobics going on... mostly posing with the fabulous cat-centric products!

And yes, I have attended a few sessions, too...Pinterest Power and Smart Phone Video/Photography. I have thoroughly enjoyed all the Keynote speakers and have learned more about how to get Coco out there being seen!

We got on TV and participated in Merrick's Karaoke video...both fun to watch! And I sold a few copies of The Adventures of Coco LeChat, and presented a copy to BlogPaws founders, Yvonne and Tom! And we got to meet Priscilla and Pop, the Mini Pig internet sensations!

Well, I'm about to head to my first session today, Time Management...and we all know I need help there! And then I'll listen to Dr Katy Nelson talk about How to Get Noticed by Media---and maybe get closer to appearing on her TV show someday soon!

And I have my one-on-one mini sessions with Gina Caballero and Tom Collins this afternoon, and have to run out for some last minute party supplies...then it's the Red Carpet walk and the Nose-to-Nose Awards Dinner tonight and Coco gets to show of her fabulous Lola Gown and Cuzhzilla wig...Can't Wait!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Thankful Thursday, #BlogPaws Style!

This was Coco Tuesday, building up her energy stores while I pack for our adventure!

Here's Coco in her new Red Furrari, being a very patient cat while we spent 12 hours in the airport due to delays! 
Yes, we were there at the crack of dawn!
Coco begins her beauty sleep...
Well, I used a curse word on Facebook yesterday, describing our travel day yesterday! I made me laugh to hear friends say later that they knew I was upset when I said 'We had a rough day' and used an expletive that some have never used in public!

I'm penning my first 'At BlogPaws' post right now, but wanted everyone to know we arrived, finally, last night around 8pm. We were able to get on the 5pm standby flight, Thank Cod, and met up with two fab cat ladies at the airport and we shared a cab ride in...

A minor disaster was averted when I found my lost phone. I had tossed it in Coco's Little Red Furrari as we were preparing to board the plane, and had visions of having to find a Verizon store today and finally 'upgrading' my old iPhone...but I found it while unpacking last night...Oh, also Thank Cod that my luggage didn't get lost, too!

Coco was a real travel pro and as I didn't think it necessary to bring along her small travel litter box and litter..she had to 'hold it' all day and that concerned me, but the minute we got into our room last night, she used the facilities and I am sure, felt much better. 

We are sorry we missed the Ice Cream Social (but Coco wore her Ice Cream dress last night as we went out to find friends (which we did--ferret, doggie and kitty friends) and had a much needed Long Island Iced Tea while lots of hugs and sweet sentiments where spread around! My phone was dead, so no pix of those meet 'n greets!

I love the new 'Green' app and getting notification of what is on our agenda for the day! Today is pretty relaxed, getting to know the lay of the land and working on getting our room ready for   visitors (who will be treated to Peach Bellinis (have to get the Prosecco still) and sweets.

I brought copies of the book featuring The Adventures Coco, Coco LeChat, the World's Most Fashionable Feline which Coco will be pawtographing for people who would like to get their own copy of this sweet book!

Love being here and Love being a BlogPaws Ambassador!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Monday Mewsings, #BlogPaws Style

We are starting to count down the days now til the BlogPaws conference in Nashville Tennennesee...2 more sleeps to go and Coco and I will be winging our way to the Country Music Capital of the World on Wednesday!

I don't have a Cowgirl Hat yet, but Coco does...Of course she does! And it's pink and sequined and a little bit country and a little bit City Kitty!

This is Coco's first Hayley's Hats confection and I think it will go perfectly with her Pink Confection pageant gown, what do you think? More Dolly Parton than Minnie Pearl, hahameow!

Coco and I have traveled as a duo to 2 other #BlogPaws in Salt Lake City... here's a little slide show of that trip!

                               Click to play this Smilebox slideshow
And last year to Lake Las Vegas, where we had a stunning setting for some great photos and I really felt pampered at the exotic resort and spa! I heard it was hard to pull attendees away from the pool and the lake and the lovely terraces to get to the sessions!

                             Click to play this Smilebox slideshow

BREAKING NEWS! #BlogPaws 2015 Conference has SOLD OUT!  I want to give a big Thank You to my fellow Ambassadors and all the BlogPaws Team and all the bloggers who support what BlogPaws stands for...You, the blogger! 

If you are oh-so-sad to think you have missed out on attending the conference that is the most fun you can have learning, then you can make last minute plans to be there and sign up on the Wait List here: 

BlogPaws conferences deliver educational sessions on topics ranging from finding content for your blog, to search engine optimization (SEO), to turning your blog into a business or a book, to holding fund raising events called "Twitter-pawties," to using specialized contest apps on Facebook, how-tos on Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, and much more. While a majority of the attendees publish about — or in some cases AS their pets — the topics apply broadly to anyone who wants to learn more about effective use of social media.