Friday, May 30, 2014

Fashion Friday

Instead of her 'signature' Pink Kitty Wig,
Here's one of Coco in blue...

And wouldn't this dress be purrfect with the blue wig?

Next photo shoot! Promise!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

Coco, at home, fashion photo shoot...

and Coco, in New York, fashion photo shoot...

Yes! Our trip to New York City last fall was a success and she will be the subject of a soon-to-be published children's book! You can pre-order now!

The Adventures of Coco le Chat

and it's Wednesday, so don't forget to Hop!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Fashion Friday, #BlogPaws Style

Photo by Kim J. Gifford

Coco had many stunning photos taken of her while we were at the BlogPaws Pet Blogger Conference...and once again, my favorites were by the talented and sweet Kim Gifford, of the wonderful blog, Pugs and Pics.

Photo by Kim J. Gifford

Kim captured Coco's many personas, from elegant to trendy, and if you recall, she is the one who took my favorite shot of Coco and I at BlogPaws last year, and wrote a wonderful post to go along with it, Cat Lady!

Photo by Kim J. Gifford

I so treasure the friendships we have made through blogging and attending the BlogPaws conferences, and just sigh when looking at these lovely photos of Coco, don't you?

Monday, May 19, 2014

Monday Mewsings, #BlogPaws Style!

...Still haven't unpacked from BlogPaws! Maybe I think if I don't unpack, that Coco and I could hop right back on a plane and continue the fun we both had with our blogging friends there! Like Sparkle's personal assistant, Janiss, who took this great foto of Coco and our Flat and Stuffie friends!

We got to meet Ginger Jaspers humans, who flew in all the way from England!

And we won a personalized digital art piece from BZ Tat, one of our fab friends who we got to pal around with during the conference!

And Coco got to play around in the Cat Style Lounge, and I enjoyed sipping a Tequila Sunrise
out on the terrace with friends, before doing a photo shoot of Coco.

We actually even made it to a couple of seminars, too! Debbie Glovatsky's session on photography and a super one-on-one session with Denise Wakeman, who taught me a lot about tweaking up our Google + page!

And of course, there was lots of networking and moments to sit and chat with both old and new friends!

Both Coco and I think this was the best BlogPaws Conference we have attended, and we've been to 5 of them! It is part of our vacation plans every year, and this year...our stay at the Westin Lake Las Vegas was absolutely fabulous, darlings!

I took over 200 photos, and so for the next few posts, will share them, along with more about the fab conference, too! Hats Off to everyone involved in putting together such a super conference, and as always, I left feeling energized and full of plans for Coco and I for the coming year!

And thank you, BlogPaws, for giving Coco and I the opportunity to speak about something near and dear to our hearts, Creative Fundraising for Rescues!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Fashion Friday! #BlogPaws Style

Photo by
I'm still surfing the web, seeking out photos of Coco at the fabulous BlogPaws Pet Blogger Conference last week!

Photo by PetPlan
Photo by Carol and Barrie Pugh
Photo by

Photo by
I had to go right back to work upon our return, so haven't even unpacked yet...but didn't want Coco's adoring fans to have to wait any longer for am posting a few here to whet your appetite!

More to follow, with a furtastic report, too!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Fashion Friday, #BlogPaws Style!

I know it's already Friday, but we've been having so much fun, I'm behind in posting pix!

Wednesday night we had a little "Cocotails' Party in our room, with some of our fav cat ladies in attendance (oh, and a goat lady, too!)

Then it was off to Dessert on the Terrace, sponsored by Bissell. Fantastic food, awesome view and lots of visiting with friends!

Thursday, after a nice sleep in the Heavenly Beds, and a waterfall of a shower (Coco stayed in bed for an extra 40 winks), it was off to check in, gather our swag and generally see and be seen time! 

And of course, that included visiting The Cat Style Lounge, which was over-the-top this year!

... more mews and pix later!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Wordless Wednesday #BlogPaws Style!

Coco on the plane to BlogPaws

We're Here! Viva, Las Vegas! Viva, BlogPaws!

Our friend, Stacy of the blog 'On a More Personal Note' volunteered to be our limo driver

Stacy is sharing our room at the Westin Lake Las Vegas, and she besides being a cat lover, she is also an art quilter...

 And Coco loved burrowing under the beautiful quilt she brought with her!

The Flats came along for the ride, and are enjoying the Heavenly Bed and bevy of pillows!

And here's the view from our room! Are you green with envy?

The fun begins... stayed tuned for daily updates from #BlogPaws!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Monday Mewsings

Coco's been busy, going to fund raising fashion shows!

And in two days, we will be winging our way to Las Vegas, baby!

To attend, and speak at the BlogPaws Pet Blogger Conference!

What are we going to talk about?

Creative Fundraising for Rescues!

I am no where near ready, but do have Coco's wardrobe picked out...

and I think she will have the bigger suitcase!