Saturday, April 21, 2018

Saturday Caturday, #BlogPaws 2018 Conference Part 2

I was going to try and get a blog post written every day of the 2018 #BlogPaws Conference, but that was too lofty a goal for me! The photo above is one of my favorites of Coco because she "Does Deserve It"!

She seems to enjoy riding up and down on the elevator and being admired by all who enter and it gives me a moment to tell people about her and share her business cards! During this conference, we have just passed 1400 followers on IG and gained a few new followers on FB and Twitter, too!

The venue for this years conference was fabulous, with lots of nice comfortable places to sit and visit with friends or catch up with social media, and the on-site restaurant was really good, too! Of course, as it has been in the past, BlogPaws feeds us so well that dining out was only done before the conference started and on the free night they give us to get together with friends! And as always, there was the famous BlogPaws Cheescake! 

All the educational sessions and meal ares were also pet-friendly and most of the pets were well-behaved and so relaxed they even napped!

And once again, this BlogPaws Conference was part of the Zero Waste Initiative with Only Natural Pet! We did our part, but it would have been nice to have marked recycling containers closer to our hotel rooms so we didn't have to carry recyclables down to the floor where the exhibits were located.

The hotel had recycling containers but they weren't labeled and I have a feeling I put the wrong thing in the wrong slot at times. And then I wasn't sure if recyclables put in the hotel cans would be weighed for the Zero Waste total. 

This years conference had a large and well-set up exhibition/vendor area with lots of room to stop and chat at the booths without blocking aisles and many booths had fun interactive photo ops for people and pets!

The experiential areas were nice and something different, too,  but I failed to take any photos of them! There was a Kitchen (grab a pet snack), office (charge up your phones), library (check out books written by BlogPawsians)...all gave attendees a chance to relax and sit and talk with friends, as well as speakers! I hope they do that again next year!

Coco and I had fun schmoozing with the vendors, some who had met her before, but a few that had not and were just amazed by her savoir faire and her wardrobe! She didn't actually get to wear all of the 19 outfits I brought along, but we did manage to get in 3-4 costume changes a day, much to the delight of her fans! And only Coco can look elegant when sleeping!

And to round out this 2nd BlogPaws 2018 blog post, I would be remiss if I didn't mention the BlogPaws Swag that each attendee gets! This years BlogPaws T-Shirt was done by the folks at Teddy the Dog and it's oh-so-cute, even if it's not a cat (though they said they will be coming out with a cat line soon!).

Well, it's now time for my dinner, so I'm going to stop here, get Coco dressed (she has napped all day today so I know she was tired!) and head down to dinner at the hotel restaurant. I promise to get to  BlogPaws 2018 Conference Part 3 tomorrow! 


  1. Coco, I was lucky to have ONE wardrobe change every day! I'm envious of your class and style, and I'm glad you and your human had so much fun! It was fun seeing you.

  2. Once again, Coco was the best dressed one there, both human and fur! The mom loved seeing her.

  3. I loved seeing you and Coco at BlogPaws this year. You both looked great

  4. I truly enjoyed meeting you both at the conference and both of you looked absolutely stunning!
    I loved your blue dress and I am so glad you grabbed one of those pretty clutches in the gift shop!
    It matched your dress perfectly.
    I also loved Coco's beautiful chandelier hanging in her stroller.
    She was certainly the belle of the ball that day and every day.
    I am so glad that she enjoyed riding the elevator. What fun for her to be adored by so many.

  5. Of course the 26th floor was the place to be. Did you see the MORNNG on the building? Couldn't sleep so was up before dawn and it was on the side of a building. Thankfully I got it on our video people would thing I was batty!

  6. All of these pets are so cute! Coco you were definitely the best dressed there! Looks like this was a great event to attend. Definitely a lot of awesome goodies. You both looked great, thanks for the share.
    World of Animals

  7. No wonder I saw so little of you, you were very busy!

  8. Hi great photos and blog. As I understand you recently went to our barber shop (Rogue Barbers) in Grants Pass. Hope your got some good photos if you wouldn't mind sending us some we would love to post them or tag us on IG or FB .. thank you so much have a great day coco tell your owner we said hi too 😀


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