Monday, March 28, 2016

Monday Musings, Coco is Pretty in Pink!

Coco the Cornish Rex in Pink Paris Dress

Coco is Pretty in Pink, don't you think?!

A animal communicator told me once that pink is her favorite color, and well, it does flatter her! Here's a pretty new dress in her 'Signature' color...PINK, HOT PINK!

Coco the Cornish Rex Pink Velvet Tutu Dress

And here she is in her pink Kitty Wig

Coco the Couture Cat in Pink Wig and Tiara

And this is one of her first couture gowns, The Pink Confection!

Coco the Couture Cat in Pink Pageant Gown

And all this pink has me thinking of one of my favorite movies, Pretty in Pink, which just celebrated it's 30 year anniversary! Oh, we are all young at heart, Coco included!

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